Telecom Argentina switched on first 5G sites in Buenos Aires and Rosario

Telecom switched on the first 5G network in Argentina and put 10 personal cellular antennas into operation in order to use this service with suitable devices in the cities of Buenos Aires and Rosario

In this way, the company continues to fuel the development of the industry to bring the latest in mobile connectivity technology to Argentines. More about Telecom Argentina 5g new services below.

In the words of Roberto Nobile, Telecom’s CEO, “2020 was a pivotal year for the world that demonstrated that the future is based on information technology. At Telecom we are facing the economic scenario and have done our best to keep the Argentines connected and so be able to continue working, studying and entertaining from home. We have invested a lot to make Personal the best 4G network in the country. Now let̵’s go a step beyond connectivity by enabling the first 5G network in Argentina. This technology is the future of our industry and also It will drive the country’s growth and the development of essential infrastructure for the digital economy. With 5G technology, the country’s economy becomes more competitive, which is crucial because Companies will define their investments based on the availability of this technology. For Argentina to enter this new era, the information technology industry must continue to invest heavily and develop freely and competitively. Modern and stable regulation is needed that favors the development of technology and encourages investment by innovative companies such as Telecom, which have maintained their commitment to the country over the past few decades. “

Meanwhile, the first five mobile locations in the city of Buenos Aires with Huawei technology; and five Nokia technology sites in the city of Rosario are already showing the first advances in fifth generation networks, Mediante Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (‘DSS’). This technology is used in the current 4G network to enable 5G access dynamically and when required, so that suitable 5G devices can establish a connection to these networks. The fifth generation technological solution requires essential regulatory definitions for the full provision of services, e.g. B. dedicated spectrum.

Private customers who have suitable terminals and are close to the activated locations will experience the first spread of the fifth generation of mobile technology.

The 5G network offers great opportunities for the development of the IoT (Internet of Things) due to its main characteristics: Fast response speed (100 times faster than surfing the 4G network), low latency and multiple devices connected at the same time.

Just as 4G technology changed the world of mobile data, The 5G standard will go further, allowing 10 Gbps speeds, greater capacity of connected devices, coverage and performance than the current LTE-4G / 4.5G. Smart cities, the Internet of Things, connected homes and cars, home automation, and artificial intelligence are some of the innovations that will allow 5G technology to expand in the years to come.

5G is an enabler in itself. A platform on which new services, use cases and ecosystems will emerge that exist as a whole the potential to change the world. The possibilities associated with fifth generation networks are closer than ever. Only with investments can we step into the future and continue to offer the best connectivity to Argentina.

Do 5G demos first argentina 5g

Telecom was a pioneer in experimenting with 5G technology, preparing for when the technical and regulatory requirements for full service delivery were met.

For three years now, the company has been carrying out various tests to make the possibilities of the fifth generation of cell phones tangible. The preparation not only requires switching on 5G base stations: For good service, the current 4G network is improved in terms of coverage, availability and capacity. Today the 4G network covers 95% of the surface of the country and its 4.5G upgrade is active in 100% of the 4G network.

A laboratory test was carried out with Nokia in 2018, while public demonstrations with Huawei took place in the city of Buenos Aires and in Córdoba in 2019. argentina 5g


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