Tele2 unlimited Internet works in 27 countries

The option “Unlimited Internet abroad” allows Tele2 clients to use data services abroad without restrictions and not to be afraid of unpredicted expenses for mobile services. At the beginning of high season, the operator is expanding the area where Tele2 unlimited Internet is available from 54 to 81 countries.

The list is entered by the following countries:

Portugal, Spain, the Great Britain, Greece, the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Egypt, Morocco, New Zealand, Island, Salvador, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Palestine, Romania, SAR, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Albania. Starting from 8 June, travelers will be able to use unlimited Internet in such a popular travel destination as Germany, as well as in other countries – Belgium, Indonesia, Qatar, Ghana and Malta.

Subscriber fee totals 350 rubles per day – the money is written off the client’s account only if he accesses the network. If the client does not use Internet abroad or stays in Russia, no fee is charged for the service. The option can be connected free of charge. More information on tariffs and Tele2 unlimited Internet is available at Roaming.

Oleg Reshetin, Product Strategy Director at Tele2:

Clients use mobile Internet so often in their everyday life that they are not ready to refuse this habit during travels abroad. That is why we develop the option “Unlimited Internet abroad” and considerably expand the number of countries with the service available. The new list includes both most demanded destinations for resort and business trips and such exotic getaways, as Caribbean basin countries. Our clients can use a truly unlimited Internet, without restrictions in a volume of Internet traffic per day. 350 rubles per day is not a big money compared to expenses for foreign trips. At the same time, it is very important that Tele2 does not charge subscribers if they forgot to disconnect the option or did not use Internet. In this case, the payment is not charged.”

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