Tele2 to conduct mobile network audit

Tele2 AB recognizes the fact that its mobile network has experienced several incidents during the last twelve months. As a consequence, Tele2 now initiates a major network audit with highest priority. The audit will scrutinize network components and infrastructure, to minimize any potential deviations and ultimately securing the most reliable network

It’s been proven time and again that Tele2’s network is of the highest standard and we have won awards for both coverage, quality and reliability. Nevertheless, we have experienced several significant outages during the last year that have had wide customer impacts. To make sure we secure the most reliable network, we now initiate a major network audit to identify key areas to improve, says Thomas Helbo, EVP Technology, Tele2.


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During the last twelve months, Tele2’s mobile network has experienced three significant network incidents. One concerned roaming in Europe, while the other two primarily affected customers in Sweden.

We are not satisfied with anything less than Tele2 having the most reliable networks in the markets where we compete. We want our customers to feel confident in our ability to deliver stable and secure services, which is why we’ve initiated this audit. Network reliability is, and will continue to be, our most prioritized area, says Anders Nilsson, President and CEO, Tele2.


Tele2’s network audit

The mobile network audit starts today and is estimated to continue for at least three months. It will be led by the external management consultant company Analysys Mason in close cooperation with Tele2’s Technology organization.

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