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Tele2 Sweden extends roaming in 60 countries

As the first operator in Sweden, Tele2 released the mobile data as early as 2017 through the launch of “Unlimited”. Now the subscription is renewed with the name “Unlimited”, while Tele2 becomes the first operator in Sweden to include international calls of 1000 minutes a month to 60 countries, including destinations such as the USA, Thailand and Turkey. For these 60 countries, the surfing volume in Tele2 roaming is also increased to 40 GB per month.

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Tele2 Unlimited includes 40 GB of mobile data in the EU / EEA countries and in another 28 countries in the world. See list further down the page.

Always available with Tele2 Unlimited roaming:


  • Free calls and SMS in Sweden
  • Unlimited mobile data in Sweden
  • 40 GB of data in 60 countries (incl. EU / EEA)


Spain is the country that tops the list of countries where Tele2’s private customers mobile most surf. Then follows Denmark, Germany, Greece and Finland. Now it remains to be seen if a shift occurs in the top list after more countries outside Europe are added to Tele2 Unlimited.


International calls from Tele2 Sweden tele2 roaming

Stay in touch with family and friends in other countries. Unlimited includes 1000 free minutes of calls from Sweden to a total of 60 countries in the world, see list below.

If you are in another EU / EEA country, you call and text on the same terms as at home. Calls and text messages in and from one of the other 28 countries outside the EU / EEA are not included and cost according to the current price list .

Countries included in Tele2 Unlimited

• Australia
• Cyprus
• Faroe Islands
• United Arab Emirates
• Georgia
• Guyana
• Israel
• Japan
• Canada
• Kazakhstan
• Kuwait
• Malaysia
• Montenegro
• New Zealand
• Pakistan

• Qatar
• Reunion (included in the EU)
• Russia
• Saint Martin (included in the EU)
• Switzerland
• Sri Lanka
• South Africa
• South Korea
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• Turkey
• Ukraine
+ all EU / EEA countries

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