Tele2 Russia updates data roaming plans

Mobile operator Tele2 Russia plans to modify conditions for its roaming services for its from 26 March, changing the ‘Unlimited Internet Abroad’ and ‘Monthly Internet When Traveling‘ options. tele2 roaming plans

Subscribers using the services in Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia and Qatar will be able to use a 1 GB daily bundle.

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A 400 MB package will be available in 11 other states: Austria, Australia, the Vatican, Israel, Italy, China, Kuwait, San Marino, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, Finland, Croatia, and 100 MB package in Afghanistan and Peru.
Internet speed will drop to 128 kbps after exceeding the ceiling.

Cost of services tele2 roaming plans

The exact cost of calls, messages and the Internet while traveling depends on the country you are going to travel to.

Before the trip, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms of your tariff plan in your personal account, or by dialing the command * 107 # on your phone.

Roaming services are available to all Tele2 subscribers and do not require an additional connection.

  • Free number of the information service during the trip +7 951 520-06-11
  • Check the balance on the trip * 105 #

Before the trip, we recommend disabling call forwarding using the ## 002 # command, since using call forwarding while traveling will result in payment of forwarded calls at roaming rates. You can top up your roaming account in your personal account or on the Tele2 website .

Holders of SIM cards with a logo other than the Tele2 logo are advised to replace the SIM card at the nearest office before traveling. The provision of communication services in roaming with a SIM card with a logo other than the Tele2 logo is not guaranteed

Tariffication of calls from the 1st second of a conversation, per minute.

When making outgoing calls outside the Russian Federation, the cost of a minute of conversation to the number of premium destination countries is increased by 200 rubles.

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