Tele2 Russia offers unlimited data roaming option in Montenegro

The opportunity is available to all the operator’s clients who use the “Unlimited Internet Abroad” service when traveling to Montenegro

Image by Mark Foley from Pixabay
Mobile operator Tele2 Russia has introduced to its customers an opportunity to access unlimited data services when roaming in Montenegro. The option is available for subscribers of the My Online+ and Premium tariffs for RUB 350 daily subscription.
The fee is charged only when data roaming is used on a certain day.

In Montenegro, Tele2 subscribers can use high-speed mobile Internet in 4G networks. The offer can be used by all Tele2 subscribers who have connected the “Unlimited Internet abroad” option. The new feature does not change the cost of the service: the subscription fee will be 350 rubles per day and will be debited from the client’s account only in the case of actual access to the network. If the client does not use the Internet abroad or is located in Russia, the service fee is not charged. Connection option for free.

Last week, Tele2 launched another lucrative offer for users traveling to Montenegro who are open to the “My Online +” and “Premium” tariffs. For these subscribers from all regions, outgoing calls to Russia now stand at home in Montenegro. There is no need to specifically activate the offer – calls to your home will automatically spend the package of minutes of the tariff plan.

Oleg Reshetin, director of strategic development for the Tele2 product portfolio: “Abroad, our clients are accustomed to using communication services to the same extent as at home. Therefore, we are developing the option “Unlimited Internet abroad” and provide subscribers in Montenegro with real unlimited – without restrictions not only in terms of traffic volume, but also in speed. At the same time, our recent offer for “My Online +” and “Premium” tariffs allows customers to call to Russia, spending the main package of minutes. With him, vacationers in Montenegro will completely forget what additional roaming communication costs are. Both flagship offers are connected automatically and free of charge, which will allow Tele2 subscribers to enjoy their holidays in Montenegro during the height of the holiday season. ”

A week ago, the operator opened the Travel bar – a new zone for travelers at Sheremetyevo Airport. Its visitors will be able to spend the time waiting for the flight with benefit and communicate with the guide “according to other rules” – a local resident who will tell you about the sights of the destination better than any guidebook. The company will also offer Travel bar guests to listen to music, watch videos and read a book.
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