Tele2 Russia offers more data for roaming

Tele2 Russia will provide even more high-speed Internet for roamers in Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan, Iran, Kuwait, Tunisia, China, Taiwan, South Korea and other countries. In addition, Tele2 was the first Russian telecom company to launch roaming in Somalia. Tele2 Russia roaming offer

With the “Unlimited Internet Abroad” option, the operator’s customers will be able to freely use data transmission services while traveling. In a number of countries, Tele2 provides subscribers with even more Internet at high speed. In Egypt, Vietnam, Iran, Kuwait, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Kazakhstan – in the amount of 1024 MB, Tunisia – 600 MB, Dominican Republic and South Korea – 400 MB. After this volume is exhausted, unlimited Internet in roaming is provided at a speed of 128 Kbps. This will be enough for communication in social networks, instant messengers, and listening to music.

The service is available for connection on all tariffs. You can activate it in your personal account, the Tele2 mobile application or using the *143*71# command. The cost is 350 rubles per day. At the same time, the subscription fee is debited from the account only on the days of access to the network. If the client does not use the Internet or is located in Russia, no fee is charged.

In Syria, Tele2 subscribers will now be able to take advantage of the favorable options “Conversations without borders” and “30 SMS in Asia, Africa, and America.” In Thailand – the service “100 outgoing minutes in popular countries” and the ability to make outgoing calls to Tele2 Russia numbers, spending minutes from the package in the tariff. Tele2 Russia roaming offer

In November, Tele2 was the first Russian telecom company to launch roaming in Somalia. The cost of calls to Russia, incoming and local outgoing calls is 39 rubles per minute, international outgoing calls – 70 rubles, and sending SMS – 13 rubles per message.

Before the New Year’s trip abroad, the operator advises subscribers to disable call forwarding by command ##002# in order not to pay for forwarded calls at roaming rates. You can check the balance during the trip using the *105# command, and replenish your account – in the My Tele2 mobile application or on

For more information on how to top up your account while traveling, visit the operator’s website. The toll-free number of the reference service in foreign trips +7 951 520 06 11. Tele2 Russia roaming offer



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