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Tele2 Russia offers eSIM activation using unified biometric system

Tele2 Russia is offering the option to connect eSIMs to its network remotely, using authorisation by the unified biometric system run by national operator Rostelecom, Tele2 Russia’s parent company. The option has become available after a relevant federal law came into force, enabling remote SIM registration. tele2 biometric

The eSIM connection using biometrics was the first telecom service to use the Unified Biometric System for remote identification. A reliable and innovative way to activate a virtual SIM card only takes a few minutes. It allows full-fledged remote connections in strict accordance with legal requirements. Tele2 is the only Russian operator with a GSMA certificate for self-generation of eSIM profiles.

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From June 1, customers have the opportunity to register eSIM remotely using the Unified Biometric System in all regions of Tele2’s presence. To do this, subscribers do not even need to leave the house: the chip is already in the smartphone, and the communication agreement is signed remotely.

The solution improves the quality of customer service, speeds up the service process and expands the capabilities of subscriber devices for their owners. Such a card cannot be broken or lost. It allows you to connect a second number in devices with one slot for a plastic SIM card and use the smartphone as a dual SIM.

To conclude a contract remotely, the client must have a confirmed account on the State Services portal (ESIA) and registration in the Unified Biometric System. The device with eSIM support must have My Tele2 and Biometrics applications from Rostelecom installed. They are available for download in the AppStore and Google Play.

To activate the card, a new subscriber needs to go to the My Tele2 application and select the Become a Tele2 subscriber option, then – eSIM. Then the application will offer the client to connect the tariff plan and phone number that is optimal for him. The current subscriber chooses in the application the item “Order SIM”, phone number, tariff and type of card – eSIM. After this, the menu will offer the client to go through identification in the Unified Biometric System. The user must agree to the provision of passport data from the ESIA after a seamless transition to the “Gosuslugi” portal, and this information will automatically be recorded in the communication service agreement.

If there is registration in the Unified Biometric System, identity confirmation through the Biometrics application lasts only a few seconds: the user only needs to point the camera at himself and say a combination of numbers indicated on the screen. A copy of the agreement is sent to the subscriber by e-mail. After that, the My Tele2 application will download the eSIM profile to the subscriber’s device. The entire registration will take a few minutes.

If the client has not submitted biometric data before, the Biometrics application will tell you where to go. Now this can be done in 13.3 thousand branches of 232 banks located in 95% of Russian cities. Thanks to advanced biometric algorithms, the system recognizes a person with a probability of more than 99.99%. An additional link with a username and password from the “Gosuslugi” portal makes it almost impossible to hack the system. In addition to banking and telecom, the most promising industries for the application of biometrics are services of insurance companies, telemedicine, distance education, remote legal proceedings, retail and online commerce, receiving state and municipal services, paying for transport, boarding a plane without showing a ticket and boarding pass. payment at gas stations. tele2 biometric

Tele2 was the first in the market to launch a pilot project to implement eSIM on its network in April 2019. Subscribers of Tele2 and other operators could become the first test users of the technology by receiving a QR code in Tele2 salons.

Alexey Telkov, Deputy General Director for Technical Infrastructure Tele2: “Tele2 was the first on the market to launch an eSIM pilot, consulted with the regulator, specialized agencies and custom equipment vendors. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of technology. As a result of this large-scale work, we received a ready-made solution that allows remote sales of such cards. Tele2 was the first Russian operator to pass the GSMA certification, which allowed the company to independently generate eSIM profiles. Our focus on this technology is driven by our focus on the needs of a digital audience that is accustomed to getting the best solutions from us. The project with Rostelecom allows us to provide subscribers with a reliable and innovative way to connect eSIM, which fully realizes the potential of the technology. “

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