Tele2 Russia offers 1 day’s free roaming per month with Unlimited Internet Abroad

Tele2 has prepared a proposal for subscribers of the My Online + tariff during the holiday season . They are not charged for the first day of using the option "Unlimited Internet abroad." This opportunity is available to customers every month


Tele2 offers subscribers of the My Online + tariff to use the Unlimited Internet Abroad service free of charge on the first day of accessing the Internet abroad. The opportunity is available every month to both new and existing subscribers of the My Online + tariff plan, who have the Unlimited Internet Abroad service activated and have a subscription fee for the tariff.

At the same time, subscribers of the “My Online +” Tele2 tariff plan do not pay for home tariffs in roaming. To do this, simply connect the option “Unlimited Internet abroad” and start using it. For each paid day of Internet access in roaming, the client is charged an amount in the amount of the daily subscription fee at the rate. The opportunity is available from the second day of the network.

The “Unlimited Internet Abroad” option operates in 124 countries, allows Tele2 customers to freely use data transfer services on foreign trips and not be afraid of unforeseen communication costs. Connection option for free.

The subscription fee is 350 rubles per day and is debited from the client’s account only in the case of actual access to the network. Detailed information on Tele2 tariffs and additional services is available on the company’s official website in the Roaming section .

Oleg Reshetin, director of strategic development for the Tele2 product portfolio: “When traveling abroad, customers want to always stay in touch, and Tele2 gives them this opportunity. Last year, we canceled the fee for home roaming tariffs and significantly expanded the geography of the “Unlimited Internet Abroad” service. Now we go further and give subscribers the first day of the Internet on a trip. Now they can immediately tackle pressing issues: order a taxi from the airport, see the weather and share first-hand impressions from another country on social networks. A pleasant opportunity will allow customers not to limit themselves in using online travel services. ”

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