Tele2 Russia changes roaming conditions in Turkey, Spain and Belarus

Tele 2 has analyzed the activity of customers in international travel since the beginning of July 2021. The most popular overseas travel destination during this period was Turkey. The top 10 countries include Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Abkhazia, China, Montenegro, Cyprus, Germany. The CIS countries are traditionally among the most popular – their residents work in Russia and go home for the summer holidays, where they continue to use Tele2 communications. tele2 russia turkey roaming

The company expanded the geography of countries where favorable international roaming conditions are available. From July 15, 2021, on trips to Turkey and Spain, minutes when calling to Tele2 numbers in Russia will be spent from the package included in the tariff. Calls to other numbers will be charged according to international roaming tariffs. The special offer is valid for a number of tariffs of the lines “My Online +”, “Premium”, “My Business L” and “My Business XL”. Recall that the wide list of countries where these conditions apply also include: Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Luxembourg , Netherlands, Poland, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and the Czech Republic

Oleg Reshetin, director of strategic development of the Tele2 product portfolio:

“When traveling, our clients want to always stay connected, and Tele2 gives them this opportunity. After the resumption of flights between Russia and Turkey, we saw an increase in the popularity of this tourist destination. Therefore, we expanded the geography of a special offer, which allows using minutes from the home package for calls to Tele2 Russia numbers in roaming. Our clients share their impressions of the trip with family and friends, calling home at no additional cost. Now you can just enjoy your trip, and Tele2 will take care of the connection. “

On the eve of the trip, Tele2 recommends its customers to take advantage of the offers that will help to save money on communications abroad. Clients are so accustomed to mobile applications, instant messengers and social networks that they are not ready to limit their access to them abroad. The ” Unlimited Internet Abroad ” option allows you to freely use data transfer services while traveling. The peculiarity of the service is that the subscription fee is debited from the account only in case of access to the network. If the client does not use the Internet abroad or is in Russia, no fee will be charged. When traveling you need to stay connected 24/7 and often answer calls, it will be useful to enable the option “ Conversations without borders“. For tourists who need to be online even on the road, roaming services are available on air and sea ​​cruise ships .

Tele2 Russia plans to modify conditions of its roaming services in Belarus too. New conditions will be applied from 23 July. A rate of calls to Belarusian networks will amount to RUB 6 per minute.

Before traveling abroad, the operator also advises you to turn off call forwarding with the ## 002 # command so as not to pay for forwarded calls at roaming rates. You can check the balance while traveling using the * 105 # command, top up your account – in the mobile application ” My Tele2 ” or on the operator’s website te , the free number of the reference service for foreign trips is + 7-951-520-06-11.

Detailed information on the provision of international roaming services can be found on the official website of the company in the ” Roaming ” section . tele2 russia turkey roaming

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