Tele2 Latvia offers unlimited internet to businesses

Mobile operator Tele2 Latvia will remove the limits on data traffic for all its business internet subscribers not already on unlimited plans. The promotion will be valid in April, to support the move to remote working. Tele2 Latvia unlimited

Data compiled by Tele2 show that demand for mobile office internet has increased by 25% in the last two weeks. In turn, the demand for a call management solution that allows you to remotely coordinate and service incoming call flow without being in the office has increased by 40%.

“Companies are actively trying to adapt their businesses to remote work. This requires not only a proper work culture but also technological support. At the moment, we see a rapid increase in demand for a solution that enables efficient remote customer service over the phone or video calls over the Internet, ”says Raivo Rost, Tele2 Commercial Director.”If we look at the industries, we need that kind of solution, both in terms of sales and various services, because businesses don’t want to lose a single customer right now.”

A previous survey of businessmen conducted by Tele2 and research agency SKDS found that one missed call costs companies in Latvia about 60 euros.

Tele2 Latvia offers a range of business mobile plans with a variety of features, including roaming and unlimited tariffs. Here are some of the options available:

  1. Unlimited plans: Tele2 offers several unlimited plans for business users, allowing them to use their phones as much as they need to without worrying about data limits. These plans include unlimited voice, SMS, and data.
  2. Roaming plans: Tele2 offers a number of roaming plans designed for business users who need to stay connected while traveling internationally. These plans offer data, voice, and SMS while roaming in the EU and other countries.
  3. Business plans: Tele2 has a range of business plans designed to meet the needs of different types of businesses. These plans offer a range of features, including flexible data allowances, international calling, and data pooling.
  4. Device financing: Tele2 also offers device financing options for businesses looking to purchase new phones or tablets. This allows businesses to spread the cost of new devices over time, making it easier to manage cash flow.
  5. 5G connectivity: Tele2 Latvia offers 5G connectivity for business users, allowing them to access the fastest speeds available on compatible devices. Tele2 Latvia unlimited


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