Tele2 Latvia offers daily car insurance app

Mobile operator Tele2 has become the first mobile operator in Latvia to offer its customers the opportunity to obtain casco insurance

Mobile operator Tele2 Latvia has started selling car insurance – daily casco policies for vehicles over a mobile application.


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Customers pay for Tele2 car insurance service only on days when the car is used, up to a maximum 10 days each month. The formula allows users to save up to 20 percent on the insurance policy price.

“Many can certainly wonder what happens in a situation where an accident with a car going stāvdienas time? In this situation, Tele2 mobile casco will operate if the customer does not drive his / her car. For example, if a car parked your car or theft occurs, casco insurance will work, ”says Raivo Rost, Tele2 Commercial Director.

Customers also have the opportunity to terminate the casco contract at any time without thinking about the minimum contract obligations and their fulfillment. Namely, the client will only pay for the time he was the owner of the casco policy.

Mobile operators in the world are increasingly trying to break into other business segments as mobile internet develops. We, too, are no exception because we want to make the most of the opportunities and resources available to us, ”says Rost. “The winners will definitely be our customers as they will have the opportunity to save both money and time by purchasing casco in our mobile app. In addition, the amount of the casco policy will be included in the Tele2 or Zelta Zivtiņa postpay bill, which is very convenient. “

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