Tele2 Latvia expands 5G network in Riga

Mobile operator Tele2 continues to expand its 5G network in Riga - today another 5G base station, located at the intersection of Brīvības and Ģertrūdes streets, has started operating. This means that in this area, Riga residents and guests can connect to the 5G network if they have 5G smartphones at their disposal

Mobile Tele2 Latvia has launched its new 5G base station in Riga. The base station is based downtown of the capital city, the oeprator’s second 5G base station in Riga.  riga latvia 5g

In total, the Tele2 5G network is already available in seven Latvian cities – Riga, Jelgava, Daugavpils, Jurmala, Valmiera, Sigulda and Salacgriva. 

“We are continuing to expand our 5G network step by step so that our first customers with 5G smartphones can experience the benefits of 5G in some places. At the moment, of course, these opportunities are not very extensive, so next year we will continue active 5G development work. In many parts of the world, to increase coverage faster and thus promote the development of various 5G business solutions, operators and public authorities are successfully cooperating. We hope that mobile operators will be allowed to cooperate in the deployment and development of 5G technologies in Latvia as well, says  Līga Krūmiņa, Technical Director of Tele2.

According to the company, in parallel with the development of 5G technology, the expansion of the 4G network and strengthening of capacity is being actively pursued, because similarly to the rest of the world, this technology in Latvia will be able to meet our daily technology needs for a long time. So far this year, Tele2 has built 30 new 4G base stations in various parts of Latvia, as well as increased capacity for almost 200 stations to meet the demand for mobile communications. riga latvia 5g

“Tele2” 5G base station in Sigulda is installed near Vildoga road, in Salacgriva Vidzemes street, in Jurmala it is located in Emīlijas street, but in Valmiera – Raina street. In Daugavpils, the 5G station is located near the Šķirotava railway station, in Jelgava – by the Dobele highway, but in Rīga – in the territory of Mūkusala Business Center and now also at the intersection of Brīvības and Ģertrūdes streets.

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