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Tele2 increased the number of monobrands in Moscow to 550

According to the results of the first half of 2019, revenue from connections in single-brand retail increased by 16% compared to the same period last year. This was facilitated by the expansion of single-brand retail and the updating of the operator’s tariff line.

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The growth in revenue from the sale of smartphones in Tele2 stores in Moscow amounted to 12% year-on-year, which is explained by the operator’s focus on 4G smartphones from leading manufacturers. At the same time, the growth of MNP transitions in the reporting period amounted to 26%. This is primarily due to the leadership of Tele2 in terms of NPS – the willingness of customers to recommend the services of their operator.

In addition to specialized goods and services, Tele2 stores offer non-telecom services. Monobrand visitors can repay loans, replenish bank cards and e-wallets, and make transfers in Russia and abroad. In addition, services such as ticketing and vehicle insurance are also available at Tele2 branded stores.


Insurance services and anti-virus solutions became the most profitable in Tele2 stores

According to the results of the first half of 2019, the operator recorded a fourfold increase in service revenue in Moscow monobrands and modules. At the same time, revenue from non-operator services more than doubled the revenue from smartphone sales for the same period. In addition to expanding single-brand retail, the growth drivers were the launch of new services and the ability to purchase goods on credit.

Air and train tickets

Insurance services and anti-virus solutions became the most profitable – revenue from their sale doubled compared to the first half of 2018. The fastest growing non-operator services were new services – the issuance of installment cards “Conscience” and subscriptions to online cinema. Air and train tickets have shown record popularity.

Tele2 has built an effective retail network in Moscow. Now we will focus on its high-quality development and scaling of the innovative digital format in the metropolitan salons. As part of the lifestyle enabler strategy, Tele2 focuses on customer convenience and offers a set of non-operator services in mobile salons. This generates additional traffic, which subsequently transforms into sales and revenue growth, while increasing the flow of customers in the stores, we maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, which confirms the success of Tele2 in the qualitative development of distribution. At the same time, retail remains the main channel for attracting new subscribers, providing more than half of the operator’s network connections, “said Anton Kondratov, commercial director of the Moscow macro-region of Tele2.


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