Telarix and Starhome Mach Rebrand as TOMIA Creating New Category for Connectivity

TOMIA launches First End-to-End Connectivity Platform for Maximizing Revenue and Margin Management across Roaming and Interconnect

TOMIA, a new company formed from the merger of Starhome Mach and Telarix, today announces its new brand and mission. Under the new brand and management, the company introduces the industry’s first end-to-end platform for maximizing margins from roaming and interconnect, optimizing international agreements, preventing fraud in real time, and driving benefits from advanced technologies such as VoLTE, NFV, and 5G.

TOMIA launched with a clear vision to lead innovation that will support digital transformation and connectivity, with services such as 5G, VoLTE, NFV and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain. The Company is currently developing a project for a large Operator Group to launch the first VoLTE & NFV infrastructure in the industry.

Leveraging on the core capabilities of these two global leaders in optimizing CSP profitability, the TOMIA offering constitutes the industry’s only solution to cover both roaming and interconnect to support the new needs of complex connectivity in the age of digital transformation.

With the new TOMIA offering, this is the first time that operators and carriers can benefit from one, unified view of the end-to-end connectivity process, margins and customer journey. By monitoring the full scope of activities on a single platform, carriers and operators are able to better manage their margins and optimize agreements as well as identify fraud in real time, thereby decreasing their overall costs and risk.

Marco Limena, TOMIA CEO said, “With growing pressures on operators and carriers to generate new revenues and increase margins, the need for transformative connectivity has never been greater. We are excited to come to market with a unique, end-to-end offering that addresses these strategic needs.  We are committed to the development of new solutions and services that will continue to transform connectivity for service providers all over the world.”

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