TDC has mobile phones from 1991 and 1992 still active on its network

Some Danes still stuck with their old cell phones back in the 90's.

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Danish operator TDC says there are 521 mobile phones dating back to before the year 2000 that are active on its network, mostly Nokia models and some from Motorola.

Eight of the top 10 mobile phones are produced by Nokia.

Top-10 over 90’s phones in TDC Group‘s mobile network:

1. Nokia 6150 (1998)
2. Nokia 5110 (1998)
3. Nokia 6150-Ex (1998)
4. Nokia 3210 (1998)
5. Nokia 6081 / NME-2A (1997)
6. Motorola International 2700 (1998)
7 Motorola MC2-41B12 (1998)
8. Nokia 6090 (1999)
9. Nokia 6110 (1997)
10. Nokia 7110 (1999)

At YouSee, Product Manager Niels Pedersen, who works with the purchase of mobiles, is not surprised that it is Nokia’s mobiles that dominate.

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“Nokia was the king, as mobile development really took off in the late 90’s, and we saw new features on the phones, such as sms dictionary and games. Many nostalgians will remember the first version of Snake, introduced on Nokia 6110 in 1997, which ended up reaching 350 million phones, says Niels Pedersen.

That Nokia’s mobiles from that time were very popular also expressed last year when Nokia chose to relaunch the Nokia 3310 (from 2000) into a new model. And lately, Nokia launched this summer a retro edition of 8810 (from 1998).

– The new retro models have a design that is loyal to their predecessors, but with some more functionality. For example, the new 8810s can go online. At the same time, it has one of the strongest arguments for a slightly more simple phone; long battery life. And of course, it also has Snake, says Niels Pedersen.

Oldest cell phone from 1991
The oldest cell phone registered in TDC Group’s cellular network is Motorola International 1000, which Motorola launched in 1991. It could, as something new, run on the European GSM network, GSM.

And that’s why it still works. The GSM network, introduced in 1992 in Denmark, was a common European standard developed by Groupe Speciale Mobile. Unlike the Common Nordic predecessor, NMT, the GSM network was digital. It opened among other things the possibility of sms and e-mail over the mobile phone. GSM was a so-called 2G network, and although we have reached 4G today and have started testing 5G, the principles behind technology are the same.

In addition to the Motorola International 1000, which has been used in the TDC network since 1992, the 1992 car model Bosch Cartel MC is still in use.

As TDC Group conducted a similar data drive in 2016, there were three phones that had been in use since the GSM network introduction in 1992. However, the Nokia 6050 / NME-1 apparently is no longer in use.

Fact: The above text has been prepared based on information from, The Official Nokia Blog and Wikipedia.

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