Tallinn, Estonia is the UK’s most searched for Christmas city in Europe

Tallinn, Estonia is the most Googled city followed by Vienna, Strasbourg and Krakow. Spain is the most Googled country followed by France, Germany and Iceland. Germany has the highest number of cities in the top 50, with thirteen festive favourites

insurance4carhire, analysed Google search data to reveal that Tallinn, Estonia is most searched Christmas city in Europe, followed by Vienna, Strasbourg and Krakow – suggesting they’re popular choices for a festive trip. The car hire excess insurance provider combined a list of search terms following the format ‘Christmas in…’ to reveal which of Europe’s cities and countries were most Googled by people in the UK in the last year. tallinn christmas

Between October 2018 and September 2019, over 42,000 people searched for ‘Christmas in Spain’ awarding Spain the title of the most-Googled country, followed by France, Germany and Iceland. With over 600 searches a year for ‘Christmas in Tallinn Estonia’, Tallinn is the most popular city indicating it’s a favourite for people in the UK to visit over Christmas.

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Tallinn, Estonia, is also claim to a European Best Destinations award for Best Christmas Market in Europe 2019. This year the market is open from 15th November 2019 to 7th January 2020.

The UK’s Most Googled Destinations in Europe by Country and City for the term ‘Christmas in..’:

Europe is a popular destination for ‘fly and drive’ travellers, and with 86.41 million transactions in 2017 between a car rental company and consumers it’s clear this is a popular means of getting around for those visiting the continent.

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insurance4carhire compared car hire excess cover prices from five well-known car rental companies to reveal that for a weeklong trip to Spain in December, consumers can expect to pay an average of £104 more for single-trip excess cover than if they’d bought an annual policy from insurance4carhire in advance.

To help travellers get the most out of their car hire and avoid hidden costs, insurance4carhire has written a guide to car hire in Europe which highlights the most common concealed costs.

Claire Gardner from insurance4carhire commented “With Spain, France and Germany being only a short trip from the UK, offering beautiful Christmas markets, bustling cities and endless culture – it’s unsurprising these countries are a firm favourite for Brits, – particularly with interest around Christmas. Spain is also a popular choice for UK expats which could be another reason for its popularity with Brits potentially visiting family or friends over the festive period.

European Christmas markets are world-famous and with Tallinn’s being voted home to Europe’s Best Christmas Market 2019, it’s unsurprising that the city is of interest to us – which is great to see considering it’s further afield than other popular Christmas market destinations.”  tallinn christmas

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