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Jerusalem virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of Jerusalem

Those of you who are yearning to get away from it all might well consider a virtual excursion to Jerusalem, which is now just a few clicks away thanks to the launch of a digital tours platform that enables you to visit many of the attractions in the ancient city. Jerusalem virtual tour

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In partnership with the East Jerusalem Development Company and Bridgify, the city of Jerusalem has launched a platform offering virtual visits to its ramparts, holy sites, temples and museums. A catalog of virtual tours, many of which are free, is made available to internet users once they have registered with the service.

Accessible via the website, the new platform will be especially well-received by travelers who are currently deprived of their usual regimen of excursions, hikes and historical tours. The catalogue of what is available includes both virtual tours and visits to museums. There is also a culinary section, which, however, has not yet been provided with content. Jerusalem virtual tour

In the run-up to Easter, the new service will also enable people to “attend” religious ceremonies. Internet users can already virtually light a candle in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (for a fee of US$19.90) or leave a message on the Western Wall. There is also a webcam with a live feed showing what is going on at this particular monument. On Sunday, believers living under lockdown have the option of attending the Birkat Kohanim, the traditional Jewish priestly blessing.


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