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Estonia, a small Baltic country, is making big strides in the world of technology. With its forward-thinking policies and digital infrastructure, country has become a leading player in e-governance, cybersecurity, and innovation.

Alertify brings you the latest news from this country, covering everything from new startups and digital services to government initiatives and trends in the tech industry. Estonia is known for its e-Residency program, which allows anyone in the world to become a virtual resident and start a company in Estonia. Alertify keeps you up to date on the latest developments in this program, as well as other innovative initiatives from the Estonian government.

In addition to e-governance, Estonia is also a hotbed for tech startups, with companies like Bolt, Pipedrive, and TransferWise all hailing from the country. Alertify reports on new and emerging startups, as well as the latest investments and funding rounds.

Estonia is also leading the way in the field of cybersecurity, with its NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence and numerous other initiatives. Alertify covers the latest news and trends in cybersecurity, as well as the country’s efforts to combat cyber threats on a global scale.

Overall, Estonia is a country to watch when it comes to technology and innovation. Alertify brings you the latest news and insights from country, keeping you informed on the latest developments and trends in this exciting and rapidly-evolving field.



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