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Cellusys is a leading provider of mobile network security and business solutions. This tag covers the latest news about Cellusys from travel and technology perspectives. CeIIusys is a Dublin-based company that provides innovative services to mobile network operators (MNOs) around the world.

This tag covers all the news related to company, such as its new services, changes, and trends in the telecommunications industry. CeIIusys has become an important player in the industry, providing services to MNOs in different countries, including Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The company has a broad portfolio of services, including signaling security, network protection, and business analytics. Cellusys’ solutions help MNOs to protect their networks from fraud and attacks, provide better quality of service, and increase their revenue through targeted advertising and business intelligence.

In recent years, Cellusys has expanded its services to the travel industry, providing solutions for mobile roaming and in-flight connectivity. The company has developed innovative solutions to improve the customer experience for travelers, such as providing real-time updates on flight status, location-based services, and mobile payments.

This tag also covers the key players in the industry and their relationship with Cellusys, as well as any specific news related to the company. Readers can expect to learn about the latest developments, trends, and pricing related to Cellusys and its services.

Overall, this tag provides an enthusiastic and professional look at the latest news related to this company and its impact on the travel and technology industries.


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