Most people don’t understand their phone bills

Research commissioned by billing vendor Brite:Bill has found that the majority of people find their phone bills hard to understand. The precise figure is 68% and furthermore 75% are not even interested in the information provided even if they can get their heads around it. The study, which looked at how dissatisfied consumers currently are with their operators’ billing, found that nearly a…

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Mobile providers are the worst billing performing sector

When it comes to billing, mobile providers come out as the worst billing performing sector, closely followed by credit card companies, said Echo Managed Services in  his report. READ MORE: Telecom Audit It’s worthy of note that those sectors where there is perhaps the most  intense competition for customers (mobile phones, credit cards and broadband) are the ones getting it right…

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Billing models in a digital age: How operators can adapt to keep pace with demand

Digitalisation has had a huge impact on how we use our phones, with consumers now expecting to access data-rich services such as social platforms, videos and emails, on the go via their smartphone or tablet. This in turn has impacted billing and charging models, resulting in customers buying an increasing number of flat rate and all-you-can eat packages, made up…

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