T-Mobile turnover is falling despite the number of subscribers growing

T-Mobile's turnover was 7.8 percent lower in the quarter than in the same quarter last year. This is partly due to the abolition of roaming in the EU. However, the customer base of the provider grew

According to T-Mobile, the total number of mobile customers has grown to 3.97 million in the past three months, of which 3.42 million have subscriptions. In the past quarter, 87,000 new subscribers were added. The growth compared to the same quarter last year is 10 percent. The number of prepaid customers fell considerably, by 24.5 percent. The number of T-Mobile Home fixed internet customers grew by 12,000 to 210,100 in the quarter.

The quarterly turnover of T-Mobile was 318 million euros, a decrease of 7.8 percent compared to the same quarter last year. T-Mobile said that this decline is due to the abolition of roaming in the EU and fewer sales of smartphones.

People more often opt for a SIM-only subscription after entering the BKR rules last year. The gross profit or EBITDA amounted to 109 million euros, a decrease of 8.4 percent compared to last year.

Søren Abildgaard, CEO T-Mobile Netherlands: “What we have achieved in the B2B segment in the past quarter is fantastic. Our B2B team has once again proven that TMNL has great people and the best network. We grow quickly and break our own records. Nevertheless, we are still faced with intense competitive pressure in the market. Both in the B2B and B2C markets. We continue to develop the best propositions for our customers and make Unlimited accessible to everyone. In the B2C market, the number of Unlimited subscriptions has again exceeded our expectations. “

B2B MARKET IS GROWING T-mobile turnover

T-Mobile is growing rapidly in the B2B market and is being chosen as a partner by more and more companies. This past quarter, T-Mobile not only welcomed new customers such as Alliander, the Municipality of Amsterdam, Commerz Bank and Michael Kors but also extended contracts with KLM, ADG Group (including Timing and Asito), Utrecht University, and the Eindhoven University of Technology. The partnership with Yorus has also been extended for another three years.

T-Mobile sees the percentage of Unlimited subscriptions still growing; the number of subscriptions exceeds expectations every quarter. Customer satisfaction with Unlimited is very high. The average score per Unlimited customer in the second quarter is 79, four points higher than the overall T-Mobile score. The proof that the T-Mobile network is extremely suitable for Unlimited




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