T-mobile suggested that roaming charges will be back for calling from UK 🇨🇿

Mobile phone calls and data usage premiums have been used by Czechs on their way to the UK over the past two years. But if the British leave the European Union without an agreement on the departure conditions at the end of March, the roaming charges will be returned again. Now the Czechs on the islands pay only what their home operators charge, as well as elsewhere in the Union.

In the case of hard brexitu no agreement could begin to Czech operators charge roaming fees,” said Martin Crumb, a spokesman for the Czech Telecommunication Office, namely the one that compliance with the rules in the country overseas.

It could be contradicted by an agreement on the breach, according to which, in the United Kingdom, EU rules, including roaming regulation, would apply for at least two years. The latest plan, which would allow the introduction of a transitional period, was rejected by British MPs in January.

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