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T-Mobile 1 GB roaming

T-Mobile Poland offers 1 GB free for roaming in Europe

T-Mobile Poland has introduced a seasonal promotion of mobile internet roaming services in the EU. Customers are offered 1 GB free for roaming in the EU, Albania, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia. The promotion can be activated on the self-service mobile application until 05 July, and the data is valid for one month. T-Mobile 1 GB roaming

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Unique experiences become all the more special when we can share them with family and friends. Therefore, during summer trips, it is good to have a supply of internet with you, which will allow us to freely contact our loved ones. We have prepared such a package for T-Mobile customers for a good start to the holiday. From July 1, they can receive an additional 1 GB for use in roaming zone 1A, and use the gift for 30 days.


Collect the package and pack your backpack T-Mobile 1 GB roaming

To collect your gift, all you need to do is log in to the “My T-Mobile” application between 1 and 5 July. The package will be activated within 72 hours of ordering its activation and will remain valid for 30 days. The promotion applies to T-Mobile (T) subscription customers, pre-paid T-Mobile users (GO !, Frii), as well as mix offer holders (Frii Mix). It can be used once.

T-Mobile 1 GB roaming

The new version of the T-Mobile subscription offer with 5G in each tariff

Some people need an internet that never ends. Others are simply looking for the best offer on the market at an attractive price. Everyone will find something for themselves in the latest version of the subscription offer at T-Mobile. For each of these groups, operator has prepared two proposals on clear terms, and all four guarantee access to the lightning-fast 5G network. The new offer is valid from June 21, 2022.

T-Mobile is well aware that the needs of their clients vary. Some of them use a smartphone more often than a laptop, using 100% of the possibilities of the mobile network. Others – prefer to call friends or family than write for hours on the messenger, while on the market are looking for a cost-effective proposition. Both groups have one thing in common – they expect the highest quality services. In the latest subscription version of T-Mobile, everyone will find something for themselves, and in addition, users can count on discounts on devices and discounts on new SIM cards.


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