T-Mobile Poland launches new Border Steering service

T-Mobile Poland has introduced to customers its new service Border Steering, which protects subscribers from unwanted connections to foreign networks in border areas. The service will reject logging on the foreign network and customers will be sent an SMS informing them of the situation in such a case. Customers will be able either to switch off roaming, or to choose the network manually. t-mobile poland Border Steering

The Border Steering service is a method of preventing users staying in border zones from logging in to foreign networks. In practice, this means that when a T-Mobile client is close to the border, and his phone tries to log into the foreign operator’s network, attempts to reload will be rejected by the Border Steering service for a few minutes. 

During this time, the client will be kept in the T-Mobile network and will receive an SMS informing about this situation. Thanks to this, the customer will gain time to change the network selection settings (turning off roaming or setting the operator manually) and thus avoiding unwanted logging into the foreign operator’s network and incurring unexpected costs for calls or data packet consumption in the foreign network. 

After a few minutes of repeated attempts to relog, or when the home network signal is no longer available, e.g. due to crossing the border, the service will enable the relogging of the phone, if the user’s settings allow it. From now on, spending holidays, e.g. during winter holidays in the mountains or at the seaside, in border areas will be even safer and more comfortable. t-mobile poland Border Steering

The Border Steering service is free of charge for all customers of the T ‑ Mobile Polska network.


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