T-Mobile Poland introduces new conditions for EU roaming services

After one year from the implementation of the EU roaming regulation introducing the principle Roam-Like-At-Home (RLAH), T-Mobile Poland announced changes in the EU roaming conditions from 1 July.
T-Mobile, like the other big mobile operators, has requested from the regulator UKE an option to apply surcharges for the EU roaming services, giving economic feasibility as reason.
T-Mobile has decided that it will not impose additional roaming charges within the European Union.


Current and new customers who decide to use Magenta services from July 1, regardless of the selected tariff, will receive a 1 GB package of internet for use abroad, at no additional charge.

Data roaming limits are different in each tariff. After exceeding them, the subscriber’s account will be increased by PLN 14.91 for 1 GB of internet (PLN 12.12 net in business offers).

In the case of customers using T-Mobile for card and Heyah, the situation is different. Those who have unlimited calls, SMSs, MMSs and data packets for a minimum period of 30 days, will receive monthly use in the EU:

– 100 minutes packet for incoming and outgoing calls,
– 50 text messages,
– 500 MB of internet

After exceeding 500 MB, you will be charged PLN 14.91 for 1 GB of internet, just like in the case of a subscriber. For those who do not use the no-limit tariff, a fee will be charged from the first minute, for each SMS, MMS or kilobyte of data sent.

Similarly as in the result of the subscription, changes in price lists take effect from 1 July.

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