T-Mobile Poland introduces eSIMs on prepaid

T-Mobile Poland has opened up eSIM ‘s to its prepaid customers. The option is available for its subscribers connected to the Frii Mix and Go! tariffs. The operator introduced eSIMs in 2020, and the service was available for corporate customers at the beginning. T-Mobile Poland prepaid eSIM

The new card exchange regulations show that eSIM is now available in:

  • T-Mobile MIX system in the Frii Mix tariff,
  • T-Mobile pre-paid system in the GO! tariff

Customers who use a traditional SIM card can exchange it for an eSIM at the operator’s sales points or by calling 602 960 200.

The eSIM card will be made available within a maximum of 24 hours of accepting the user’s instructions, which will be confirmed by an SMS with a code. Instructions to facilitate card activation will also be sent to the provided e-mail address.

Replacing the SIM card with an eSIM card is free of charge. If more than five replacements are made in a month, for each subsequent replacement of the card with an eSIM card, T-Mobile charges a fee for replacing the SIM card, in accordance with the applicable price list. A similar fee also applies when the customer orders the replacement of the eSIM card with a plastic SIM card. Removing the eSIM card from the device means an irretrievable loss.

To use eSIM, you need one of these devices. T-Mobile Poland prepaid eSIM

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