T-Mobile Poland adds eSims to all postpaid offers

eSIM – or virtual SIM cards – are used more and more often by manufacturers of mobile equipment and are becoming more and more popular among customers. And there is nothing strange about it, eSIM will not be destroyed, its use allows you to reduce the production of plastic, it can be activated or changed to another literally in a moment. Latest news about Tmobile Poland eSIM offers find out below.

What’s more, in some smartphones a virtual card, installed next to the traditional one, allows you to use two numbers at once (DualSIM). Now eSIMs are available to all our customers – both business and individual, in each of the current T ‑ Mobile Poland voice subscription plans.


T-mobile have been developing the technology of virtual SIM cards  for several years due to their great functionality and convenience. One of the first stages was the introduction of the multiSIM service, which allows you to use a virtual copy of the card you already have in order to be able to use it in a smartwatch. The next step was to create an eSIM service for corporate clients, thanks to which IT administrators no longer had to install classic SIMs even in dozens of devices at the same time.

Now the service is available to customers of T-Mobile voice subscription services – both individual and corporate. From now on, all of them can easily and free of charge replace the SIM card with eSIM and take full advantage of the possibilities offered by this technology on each compatible smartphone.



Just a moment

Replacing the SIM card with an eSIM can be ordered at T-Mobile in two ways – by going to one of the showrooms or by calling customer service. The customer will receive the instructions for installing the card along with a special QR code on the e-mail provided by him, and at the same time, an SMS message containing the password necessary to open the files will be sent to his phone. The action itself is not complicated and every user should easily deal with it by following the instructions provided. It is worth displaying them on a separate device in order to have access to information at all times. tmobile poland esim 

The service is available in:

  • Tariffs T
  • MagentaBIZNES
  • Jump pro Company


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