T-Mobile Poland drops roaming surcharges in the EU

Revenue from mobile services increased by almost 7% (y-o-y)

Mobile operator T-Mobile Poland plans to stop roaming surcharges in the EU and EEA states from 20 May. Subscribers of the operator will be able to use services under the ‘roam like at home’ principle there.  T-Mobile Poland roaming surcharges



In the first quarter of 2020, T-Mobile Polska recorded an improvement in key financial and operational indicators. This improvement is the result of the consistent implementation of the business strategy of the company, which at the beginning of the quarter moved from optimization and development of a converged offer to activities aimed at increasing market power.

Growth in B2B across all segments

In the first quarter of 2020 T-Mobile saw a growth in the B2B segment. In the smallest and medium business sector, the operator enlarged its customer base as well as penetration of MagentaBIZNES offers catering to a full spectrum of their needs. At the end of the quarter, these offers were being used by 60% of VSE and SOHO clients. At the same time T-Mobile in cooperation with its subsidiary T-Systems managed to improve revenue stream coming from larger accounts, both from core telco products as well as ICT services such as cloud, data center and networking, security or workplace digitalization.

Currently, T-Mobile customers can take advantage of 11,550 base stations in Poland, of which over 9,330 already offer aggregation of 2 to 4 frequency bands – the capacity of nearly 2,500 stations has been increased this way only this year. An important element of projects implemented since last year was the preparation of the network to support 5G technology using the 2100 MHz frequency, which is already owned by T-Mobile. Already in February T-Mobile had 800 such stations, and in May this number increased to 1460. According to the adopted project, T-Mobile plans to prepare by the end of the first half of 2020 1600 stations servicing the 5G network on their frequencies. T-Mobile Poland roaming surcharges

In the end of the first quarter of this year a sharp increase in the demand for telecommunications services took place. Within just a few days, the average daily demand for voice services increased by over 40% and for mobile Internet access services by 20-25%. In April and May, the demand for services remained at similar levels. The T-Mobile network was well prepared for this sudden growth thanks to consistent investments in network expansion and modernization. This is demonstrated by both the Best in Test certificate for the best mobile network awarded for the fifth time in a row by an undue research company, as well as the results of speedtests performed by operators’ clients.


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