T-Mobile Netherlands to strengthen eSIM activation with SMS authentication

T-Mobile Netherlands will add SMS authentication to its recently introduced e-Sim support service. The service attracted some criticism, with a report at RTL News saying it increases the chance of Sim-swapping hacks, where the mobile number of a customer can get taken over by a hacker.


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It is expected that a large part of the devices that will come on the market in the coming years will support both a traditional SIM card and an eSIM. 

Leo Hensen, marketing director at T-Mobile:  “I am proud that T-Mobile is the first Dutch provider to make the eSIM available. eSIM is the future and in this way we offer our customers the opportunity to get even more out of their iPhone by, for example, using a business and private subscription to one iPhone. In this way we allow them to take maximum advantage of the possibilities of today. “

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