T-Mobile Netherlands reduces roaming data on unlimited plans

Do you prefer to be online all the time?

T-Mobile Netherlands has reduced the amount of data customers on an unlimited data contract can use when roaming in the EU, to 21 GB per month from 26 GB. The change applies on the plans Unlimited, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited & Entertainment. t-mobile netherlands unlimited

What is the difference between Unlimited, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Entertainment?

Both Unlimited, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Entertainment contain 5G so that you can use T-mobile Netherlands 5G network. Company 5G network has nationwide coverage, which means that 90% of the population lives within the 5G coverage area. What you get extra with Unlimited Plus is Extra Safe Online and unlimited calls in the EU. With Unlimited Entertainment you get a Netflix Standard and Videoland Plus account.


Benefits of an unlimited data plan

Everything non stop

Unlimited internet, calling and texting in the Netherlands. With T-Mobile Unlimited you are always and everywhere connected, so you never have to miss anything.

Flexible plans

With a flexible subscription from
T-Mobile you can choose from 1- and 2-year contracts. In addition, adjust your subscription every month for free, so that your subscription always matches your needs.


5G network

Super fast unlimited internet with the fastest network in the Netherlands. In this way you always remain connected to the possibilities of now and in the future.

What happens when my GBs are used up? t-mobile netherlands unlimited

When you run out of GBs from your subscription, the operator sends you a text message. After that, you can activate 2 GB add-ons for free as often as you want. You can activate the first 2 GB supplement immediately, and the following supplements only when your bundle is empty. With Go Unlimited, the GB add-on is of course free.

Do you have another subscription and have you used up your GBs? Then buy a GB supplement. T-mobile NL offers larger and smaller replenishers.

Unlimited for mobile + internet for home t-mobile netherlands unlimited

With Unlimited there is a subscription that always suits you: you are always online at no extra cost. Do you choose Unlimited Plus? Then you also make unlimited calls to telephone numbers from the EU and you get Extra Safe Online to keep your phone safe. With the company’s latest Unlimited Entertainment subscription, you get several benefits. This way you not only get an Unlimited 5G subscription but also Netflix standard and Videoland Plus. In addition to unlimited internet access on your smartphone at T-Mobile, you can now also use Home internet.


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