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T-Mobile Netherlands lowers postpaid prices

T-Mobile Netherlands has lowered its prices on postpaid plans. Its flagship unlimited plan now costs EUR 36 per month on a one-year-contract, down from EUR 37.50 previously, while the two-year price remains EUR 35 per month. Other plans dropped in price by EUR 0.50-2.00.

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For the plan with unlimited calls and SMS and 1 GB per month, customers now pay EUR 17.50 per month on a two-year contract or EUR 18.50 on a 12-month plan, down from respectively. EUR 18 and EUR 20.50. The 5 GB plan drops to EUR 20 per month on a two-year contract and EUR 21 for 12 months, versus EUR 21 and EUR 23.50 previously. For 10 GB per month, customers pay EUR 26 per month on a one-year contract, down by EUR 1.50 per month on the previous price, while a two-year contract remains at EUR 25 per month.

The premium unlimited plan, including roaming in the US and unlimited data in the Netherlands, costs EUR 61 now on a 12-month contract, versus EUR 62.50 previously.

The new pricing follows changes at Tele2 Netherlands, including a higher price for its unlimited plan (EUR 28 per month) and the introduction of one-year contracts. T-Mobile and Tele2 have agreed to merge in the Netherlands, pending regulatory approval.

Customer satisfaction T-Mobile Achieves record highs thanks to excellent network performance, service quality and innovative propositions

The company again recorded customer growth of 83,000, bringing the total to 3.9 million customers. The loyalty score (TRI * M) rose to 77 in the first quarter compared to the same quarter in 2017. It is the highest score that T-Mobile Netherlands has ever achieved. All measured loyalty aspects – network, propositions and service – showed an increase.

Independent experts in the field of network tests have declared T-Mobile the best network. The crown on the job was the P3 Mobile Benchmark: T3 Mobile was voted best by P3 for the third year in a row, and this time with the highest global test score ever.

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