T-Mobile Netherlands increases monthly plan prices

T-Mobile Netherlands has increased the monthly prices of nearly all its plans. Only the unlimited calls and SMS plan, at EUR 12.50 per month, and the unlimited data plan at EUR 35.00 remain unchanged.


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Other plans increased by EUR 0.50 to EUR 2.50 per month.

BundleIncl. 120 min/SMSIncl unlimited calls/SMSOld price
0 GBEUR 10.00EUR 12.50EUR 12.50
1 GBEUR 12.50EUR 15.00EUR 14.50
2 GBEUR 15.00EUR 17.50EUR 16.50
5 GBEUR 17.50EUR 20.00EUR 17.50
10 GBEUR 22.50EUR 25.00EUR 22.50
UnlimitedEUR 35.00EUR 35.00EUR 35.00


All new subscriptions have a one-time connection fee of EUR 25.

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