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T-Mobile Czech Republic offers public Wi-Fi on trams connecting Most with Litvinov

Image by pofex from Pixabay

If you are traveling on the tram route between Most and Litvínov these days, you can enjoy surfing the internet with Wi-Fi connection from T-Mobile. In fact, the operator has installed a wagon that provides a stable and strong Internet connection with perfect Wi-Fi coverage of both coupled trams along their entire route. Now the system also offers a new portal for internet access.


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The Statutory City of Most and T-Mobile have agreed to install Wi-Fi routers in tram vehicles of the Transport Company of Most and Litvínov. In this way, the North Bohemian Transport Company has ranked among the few public carriers in the Czech Republic providing this benefit to its passengers.

“Public transport in Most is high. This obliges us not only to maintain it but to continue to increase it and to offer passengers even more comfort. Wi-Fi connection definitely contributes to it. We believe that thanks to these benefits, people will often leave their cars in the garages and use the ecological tram transport, in which, moreover, they can entertain themselves on the internet between Most and Litvínov, ”says Jan Paparega, Mayor of the Bridge.

The supplier of internet connection units in train sets is the Czech manufacturer DataRail. According to the requirements of T-Mobile, the supplier of the unit modified it to be suitable for installation in tram cars and buses. By meeting stringent rail certifications, passengers are now able to provide uninterrupted Internet access without failures or failures.

We are very pleased that we have helped improve the quality of transportation, not only for the citizens of Most and Litvínov. Fast Internet connection with high reliability is sure to be welcomed by all travelers, even tourists. We firmly believe that in the future, reliable Wi-Fi connection in public transport will become a standard, ”says Petr Malimánek, Sales Director at T-Mobile Czech Republic.

“Nowadays, high-quality Wi-Fi connection in public transport vehicles has become almost standard, especially among the younger generation. I think that he is particularly interested in our intercity lines, ”said the director of the Transport Company of the towns of Most and Litvínov,“ Daniel Dunovský.

The device is located in the area above the driver and its antennas in the vehicle cover evenly the entire two-car tramway. Each set is equipped with a router containing up to eight SIM cards, thanks to which the device uses the mobile signal of multiple operators. The bitrate is then composed, in this case the term bonding is used, in the central router in the datacenter. This guarantees trams the best possible connection without downtime, including uninterrupted viewing of streaming media at any point in the route. This advantage is particularly apparent on the route in more remote areas where mobile coverage is not strong enough, for example, in the fields near Kopistsk hopper.

In places with good coverage, the unit can sum up the received signal from all its SIM cards and increase the connection speed for passengers.

So far, the installation of the units has been carried out in three cars, which will be used primarily on lines between the two towns of Most and Litvínov, ie lines 4, 1 and 40.

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