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T-2 increases data allowance for EU roaming

Slovenian operator T-2 announced that it will increase the data allowance for roaming in the EU tariff area for users of its mobile and data packages. Latest news about T-2 roaming find out bellow.

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In accordance with the new EU Regulation 2022/612 on roaming on public mobile communication networks in the Union, the T-2 mobile packages will increase the included amount of data transfer in the countries of the EU tariff area from 1 July 2022 , which users can spend on selected mobile package. From 1 July, the charged surcharge for data transfer, outgoing calls and outgoing SMS messages exceeding the fair use policy will be reduced until all leased quantities are used up.


The new data transfer volumes apply to the Orange Midi and Maxi mobile packages  and the Maxi data package.

Mobile package Old amount of data transfer in the EU New amount of data transfer in the EU
Orange Midi 7 GB 9 GB
Orange Maxi 13 GB 16 GB
Data Maxi 10 GB 13 GB


Margins for regulated data roaming in the EU will now amount to € 2.44 / GB (currently € 3.05 / GB). For regulated outgoing calls in EU roaming, the new surcharges will amount to € 0.027 / min (currently € 0.03904 / min). The price of mark-ups for regulated outgoing SMS messages will now be € 0.005 (currently € 0.0122), the listed prices already include VAT.  T-2 roaming 


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