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Syniverse Powers Verizon to Expand Inbound Roaming

Syniverse and a premier global technology provider of mission-critical mobile platforms for carriers and enterprises announced it is partnering with Verizon to implement Syniverse’s Evolved Mobility solution. Find out more about Verizon Inbound Roaming solutions below.

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The Evolved Mobility solution empowers Verizon to grow international roaming revenues and enable new roaming partner access to America’s largest and most reliable network. With Syniverse’s Evolved Mobility solution, Verizon can now serve inbound roamers with Voice over LTE (“VoLTE”) enabled devices from international mobile operators who have not yet launched VoLTE on their network.

Syniverse’s Evolved Mobility will enable Verizon to build new roaming relationships with international mobile operators it has never been able to service before. Evolved Mobility facilitates voice and short message service (“SMS”), clearing and settlement, and global testing services for a full end-to-end solution.

Syniverse and Verizon are actively working together to onboard global mobile operators and to allow seamless roaming into Verizon’s network for travelers visiting the United States via the Syniverse Evolved Mobility solution.

For more than three decades and since 1G, Syniverse has managed the transition from each generation of mobile network technologies. With Evolved Mobility, Syniverse will continue to drive innovation and interoperability across the mobile ecosystem.

In August 2021, Syniverse announced its plan to go public through a merger agreement with M3-Brigade Acquisition II Corp. On January 10, 2022, Syniverse and MBAC announced that MBAC’s special meeting of shareholders to approve the merger is scheduled to be held on February 9, 2022. On January 7, 2022, MBAC commenced mailing of its definitive proxy statement to its shareholders of record as of January 6, 2022. Upon closing of the transaction, the renamed Syniverse Technologies Corporation will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “SYNV.”

Supporting Quotes Verizon Inbound Roaming

  • Ronita Mathias, VP Commercial Finance / Roaming Services, Verizon

“We are excited about the capabilities that Syniverse’s Evolved Mobility solution brings to Verizon, as we continue to rapidly expand the number of international operators we are partnering with for roaming in the USA. Evolved Mobility will allow us to connect with those operators who are not quite ready with a VoLTE solution of their own, opening up the opportunity for additional operators to get access to America’s most reliable network.”

  • John McRae, President, Carrier, Syniverse Verizon Inbound Roaming

“Syniverse welcomes the opportunity to help Verizon increase inbound roaming. Our Syniverse Evolved Mobility solution enables Verizon to connect with global mobile operators that do not have the voice-connecting technology known as Voice over Long-Term Evolution, or VoLTE roaming, allowing Verizon to seamlessly support inbound roamers onto a Verizon network and giving them a consistent mobile user experience when traveling in the USA.”


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