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Sydney Airport Launches tripsim, Enabled by eSIM go

Sydney Airport has launched tripsim, a brand-new travel companion to help Australians stay connected while overseas. Tripsim offers affordable data bundles for over 150 countries without the need to swap out a physical SIM card or change phone numbers.

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Sign-up and installation takes just minutes and data plans are available for passengers departing Australia for use across multiple countries. For example, the European bundle covers 35 countries including the United Kingdom and the Asia bundle works in 14 countries including Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand.

Total tripsim bundle prices vary depending on the travel destinations and size of the data plan. For example, if a traveller is headed to Europe for 30 days and wants 20GB of data it would cost $44.99, which works out at $1.50 per day. However, if they choose a 10GB bundle for their trip it would cost $29.99, that’s $1 per day.

Examples of tripsim data bundles to popular overseas destinations


Source tripsim.com.au Note: Cost per day will vary depending on the size of the data plan and duration of the trip.

Mark Zaouk, Sydney Airport’s Executive General Manager of Commercial, said: “We are always looking for ways to support our passengers in the terminals, but this is the first time we have offered a product to enhance their entire holiday experience.”

“Every year millions of Australians fly out of our T1 international terminal and we’re proud to deliver a new affordable product to help them stay connected while travelling overseas,” he said.

Sydney Airport has partnered with eSIM Go to enable the tripsim offering

Sydney Airport Head of Commercial Analytics, Michael Brown, said: “International data roaming can be expensive, and our research shows many people search online for low-cost alternatives, which is why we’ve launched tripsim.”

“It’s simple to install and offers an economical way for Australians to use their devices while overseas without the hassle of switching out SIM cards and phone numbers,” he said.

“Travellers can choose from tripsim data bundles that collectively cover more than 150 countries. Whether you’re headed to popular holiday destinations like New Zealand, Bali, Europe, the U.S. or planning an intrepid journey around the globe, there’s a data bundle to suit.

“You can compare plans on our easy-to-use website by simply typing in where you plan to travel and on what dates.

“Tripsim is not just available for passengers flying through Sydney Airport, Aussies headed overseas from any city can sign-up online.

“When you arrive home from an amazing overseas holiday and get slugged with an eyewatering roaming bill, it can quickly dull your post-holiday glow, especially for families travelling with multiple devices. Tripsim is an innovative and cost-effective alternative, and we hope it’ll shake up the way Australians roam while overseas,” he said.

Additional information about Sydney Airport tripsim

  • 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB and 20GB data plans are available
  • 1GB plans provide up to 7 days network access from first usage, all other data bundles provide up to 30 days network access from first usage
  • Compatible with late-model devices from Apple, Samsung, Google and some other Android-based mobile phones. Refer to tripsim.com.au for eSIM-enabled handsets
  • tripsim offers high-quality, tier one mobile network providers across the globe through the eSIM Go platform
  • Users are sent an SMS notification when they have reached 80% & 100% of the allocated data
  • Customers who sign-up for a tripsim account can monitor their data usage and easily top up or add other data bundles to their phone

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