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Swiss Mobile Service Customer Satisfaction Survey 2019

Online comparison service conducted a representative online survey to determine customer satisfaction with mobile services among Swiss consumers in 2019.

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Survey participants rated their satisfaction with the following points: value for money; friendliness of company representatives; helpfulness of company representatives; availability of customer support; network quality; network coverage; mobile data; mobile roaming; customer service; customer-facing information; billing; call quality; notice periods for terminating plans; overall customer satisfaction. Participants rated their satisfaction with their mobile plans and service providers for each factor on a scale of 1 (not at all satisfied) to 10 (completely satisfied).

The results: In general, Swiss mobile plan and prepaid customers are satisfied with their service providers, with an average customer satisfaction rating of 7.5 out of 10 points. Customers are most satisfied with call quality (8.0 out of 10 points), followed by billing (7.9 points), network coverage (7.8 points), network quality (7.8 points) and mobile Internet (7.8 points).

These are followed by the friendliness of company representatives (7.7 points), overall customer satisfaction (7.7 points), customer-facing information (7.4 points), helpfulness of company representatives (7.4 points), customer service (7.4 points) and availability of customer support (7.3 points).


Customers are least satisfied with Swiss mobile roaming and notice periods

Factors which received the lowest customer satisfaction ratings include value for money (7.2 points), notice period for terminating plans (7 points) and – by a wide margin – mobile roaming (6.1 points). “Although mobile roaming has become more affordable, the cost remains high, as the mobile plan comparison shows. The result is low customer satisfaction with roaming. Contrary to what advertising campaigns by service providers would lead us to believe, mobile roaming remains a major concern for consumers,” states telecom expert Ralf Beyeler.

Customer satisfaction lower in French-speaking Switzerland

The average overall customer satisfaction rating given by consumers in French-speaking Switzerland is 7.3 points, compared to 7.9 points in German-speaking Switzerland. All other factors also received lower customer satisfaction ratings in French-speaking Switzerland.

The customer satisfaction rating given by consumers in French-speaking Switzerland for notice periods for terminating plans is just 6.3 points, compared to 7.3 points in German-speaking Switzerland. Customer satisfaction with mobile roaming received just 5.7 points, on average, in French-speaking Switzerland, and 6.3 points in German-speaking Switzerland.

Young customers are less satisfied with Swiss mobile services

Women are generally somewhat more satisfied with their mobile service providers than men are, but the difference is small. Differences between age groups are far more significant. Customer satisfaction among Swiss mobile service users notably increases with age.

The average overall customer satisfaction rating among Swiss mobile users between the ages of 19 and 25 years old is 7.3 points. The average rating is higher for adults between the ages of 26 and 49 years old, at 7.5 points, and highest for adults aged 50 to 74 years old, at 8 points. This pattern of greater customer satisfaction among older consumers is clear across all factors, with the exception of mobile roaming. Average customer satisfaction ratings are 6.4 points from young adults, 6 points from adults aged 26 to 49, and 6.1 points from adults in the oldest age group.

Wingo customers are the most satisfied

With a weighted-average rating of 8.5 out of 10 points, Swisscom subsidiary Wingo received the highest customer satisfaction rating. It is followed by M-Budget with 7.8 points, Swisscom with 7.7 points and Yallo, UPC and Sunrise with 7.5 points each. Salt, Switzerland’s third-largest mobile service provider, received 7.1 points for customer satisfaction. All customer satisfaction ratings are clearly shown and broken down in the interactive mobile plan comparison on

How satisfied are Swisscom customers?

With an average customer satisfaction rating of 7.7 out of 10 points, market leader Swisscom takes third place in terms of customer satisfaction. Its customers gave it high ratings for network coverage (8.3 points), network quality (8.2 points) and call quality (8.2 points). It received poor ratings for mobile roaming (6.2 points), value for money (6.6. points) and notice periods for terminating plans (6.8 points). The rating given by Swisscom customers for value for money rating is particularly interesting, as it is significantly lower than the value for money ratings of other mobile service providers. Swisscom’s rating for notice periods is also below average.

How satisfied are Sunrise customers?

Sunrise, the country’s second-largest mobile service provider, received an average customer satisfaction rating of 7.5 out of 10 points. That puts it behind Swisscom, but ahead of Salt. Sunrise received high ratings for billing (7.9 points), call quality (7.8 points), friendliness of company representatives, network coverage, mobile data and overall customer satisfaction (7.7 points each). It received a low rating for mobile roaming (6.1 points).

How satisfied are Salt customers?

Salt, Switzerland’s third-largest mobile service provider, has a lower average customer satisfaction rating than Swisscom and Sunrise in 2019. Its weighted average customer satisfaction rating is 7.1 out of 10 points. It received high ratings for mobile data (7.6 points), call quality (7.5 points) and value for money (7.4 points). It received low customer satisfaction ratings for mobile roaming (5.6 points) and notice periods for terminating plans (6.2 points).

How satisfied are UPC customers?

Switzerland’s biggest cable network operator UPC (formerly Cablecom) also offers mobile plans. It received a weighted average customer satisfaction rating of 7.5 points in 2019. On the whole, its ratings have gone up since 2018, particularly with regards to network coverage (7.5 points compared to 6.9 points in 2018). UPC moved from the Salt network to the Swisscom network at the start of 2019.


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