Swiss consumers buy smartphones price-tagged at over 1,000 Swiss francs expecting longer life

Augmented reality and workplace applications are driving future smartphone markets according to the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey: 92% of adults have a smartphone compared to 91% in Europe

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The Global Mobile Consumer Survey conducted by Deloitte in Switzerland of over 1,000 consumers and 56,000 people in 34 other industrial and emerging countries found that 92% of all adults in Switzerland own a smartphone, 97% of whom use their device every day.

Smartphones are to becoming an indispensable assistant: These devices can track and learn what our daily routines are, and then forecast our activities and plans. They’re capable not only of recognising with high precision what we wish to communicate, but also of recommending with whom we should be communicating. They can independently remind us of activities, and request us to take whatever action is needed. Moving forward, we’re also going to have to learn how to use and deal with these new technological possibilities in a meaningful way so that they simplify our lives, rather than restricting us,” predicts Bjørnar Jensen, Managing Partner for the TMT sector at Deloitte Switzerland.

SIM-only contracts are having an increasing impact on the sale of new smartphones. 26% of mobile phone users in Switzerland have such a contract, while across Europe the figure is 38%. Consumers today don’t automatically acquire a new phone every two years, rather they usually wait longer before purchasing a new one.

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