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Swiss consumer associations ask Salt to review roaming tariffs

The Swiss alliance of consumer protection organizations, which includes the Foundation for Consumer Protection, FRC and ACSI, has sent an open letter to the chairman of the board of Salt, Marc Furrer, demanding the company avoid charging high roaming tariffs. More about Salt roaming tariffs latest news find out below.

The associations explained that Salt’s customers who buy a data package to surf in EU countries pay around CHF 1 for 100 MB. But if customers do not buy a package, or the package is used up, Salt starts charging the so-called standard tariff, which means a cost of CHF 295 for 100 MB.

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This is an unscrupulous rip-off of their own customers,” said Sara Stalder, managing directors of the Foundation for Consumer Protection. Moreover, the associations said, roaming options valid for 30 days extend without first asking customers.

The associations underlined that Salt does not respect the regulations. For example, from 01 July this year data packages must be valid for 1 year, while for Salt they expire after 30 days. According to the telecommunication ordinance, customers should be able to buy data packages via WLAN, while Salt gives only the option of mobile network. The telecommunications ordinance also stipulates that all customers must be protected from high roaming bills through setting a costs limit. Salt sets this limit at CHF 1,000.

The limit is far too high and, and from the point of view of the association is also illegal. salt roaming tariffs

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