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Swedish companies increased mobile data usage by 44%. At the same time, telephone calls decreased by 5%

Image by Ioannis Ioannidis from Pixabay

The Data Data Data 2019 report from Tele2 is an analysis of all telephony and data traffic at Tele2’s corporate customers for one year, and a total of over 700 million data points have been collected. The result shows how Swedish companies act in an increasingly digitized world where the mobile phone is an increasingly important part of the working day.


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The report shows that Swedish companies have increased their mobile surfing strongly, 44 percent during one year. Of the eight industries included in the report, the construction industry is surfing the most, with an average of 302 MB per day, and in one year has increased its surf by 47 percent. The industry that shows the greatest increase in mobile data, however, is car mechanics, which for one year has increased their surf by a full 68 percent.

While the amount of data traffic is increasing across all industries, a decrease in telephone calls is visible. During the year, the number of calls decreased by a total of 5 percent, and the haulage industry is the one who has reduced their calls the most, 9 percent. The trend for all industries is that most calls are made at the beginning of the week, Mondays and Tuesdays, and at least at the end of the week. During a work week, the number of calls decreases by 8 percent.

– In our customer data, we can see that mobile surfing is incredibly important for entrepreneurs. Being flexible and connected is a prerequisite for daily work. The fact that the calls are reduced may be due to the fact that one chooses to switch over also the call traffic in digital solutions, which shows a high digitization maturity among our customers. The fact that such a significant increase in data traffic takes place places high demands on us as a supplier, says Jessica Levin, sales manager for small companies, Tele2.

The geographical spread of mobile surfing shows that northern Sweden stands out. Digital development in Dalarna is fastest, where companies have doubled their mobile surfing compared to the previous year. Most surfing companies in Norrbotten with an average of 694 MB per day, corresponding to eg six hours of music streaming on Spotify. In second place, Västerbotten comes with 472 MB per day and then Jämtland with 421 MB per day. At least surf companies on Gotland, where entrepreneurs on average surf 132 MB per day, corresponding to just under two hours of scrolling on Facebook.

– We not only deliver data but the data also gives us important insights on how we can develop our products to meet our customers’ needs. Our priority is to continue to drive digital development and create solutions and services that enable our customers to grow and develop, ”continues Jessica Levin.

The industries that surf the most:

  1. Construction industry (302 mb / day)
  2. Computer business (293 mb / day)
  3. The field industry (289 mb / day)
  4. Beauty Industry (277 mb / day)
  5. Hotel and restaurant industry (270 mb / day)

The regions that surf the most:

  1. Norrbotten (694 mb / day)
  2. Västerbotten (472 mb / day)
  3. Jamtland (421 mb / day)
  4. Västerbotten (369 mb / day)
  5. Dalarna (334 mb / day)

About the report
Data on data looks at all telephony and surfing at Tele2 Business customers during the period November 2017 to November 2018. The data refers to Mondays to Fridays and the report covers more than 700 million data points. The data is divided into eight different industries, selected to gain a breadth between industries, and 21 regions.

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