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Cost vs Conscience: Booking.com Delves into the Dilemma Dividing Sustainable Travel

As the world becomes more conscious of the impact of our actions on the environment, sustainable travel is becoming increasingly important. Today, Booking.com released its most comprehensive research on sustainable travel to date, shedding light on the dilemma faced by many travelers who feel torn between cutting costs and making more environmentally friendly choices. sustainable travel cost

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With insights gathered from more than 33,000 travelers across 35 countries and territories including: sustainable travel cost

  • 64% of UK travelers say they want to travel more sustainably over the coming 12 months, while 74% say the global energy crisis and rising cost of living is impacting their spending plans
  • Three-fifths (60%) of UK travellers believe more sustainable travel options are too expensive, in contrast to 36% willing to pay extra for travel options with a sustainable certification
  • Taking conscious habits from home when traveling, 56% of Brits now turn off the air conditioning in accommodations when they aren’t there (up 33% from 2022), while 70% re-use the same towel multiple times (up 36% from 2022)
  • 500,000+ accommodations globally are being recognized for their sustainability efforts with a Travel Sustainable badge on Booking.com

At a time of general global uncertainty, travelling more sustainably continues to be front of mind for travellers, with three-quarters (72%) believing people need to act now and make more sustainable choices to save the planet for future generations.

In conclusion, while the cost of sustainable travel options may still be a concern for many, the growing awareness and adoption of environmentally conscious habits among travelers, as well as the recognition of sustainable accommodations, offer hope for a more sustainable future for travel. It is up to us all to make conscious choices and continue to prioritize the health of our planet in all aspects of our lives, including our travels.

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