Sure Jersey protects mobile customers from ‘bill shock’

Sure has changed its mobile contracts to further reduce the possibility of customers receiving unwanted bills and incurring ‘bill shock’ due to data charges

To ensure that customers are on a monthly mobile plan that suits their needs Sure is offering unlimited data downloads on its pay monthly mobile plans for the first three months in order to assess a customer’s data requirements so they can pick the most appropriate monthly plan for them.

The local telecoms company is also changing the way it charges customers for data if they do exceed their monthly allowance. Currently data is charged per megabyte once the allowance is used up to a £20 cap but Sure’s new system will let the customer know via text messages that they’re close to their allocated data limit so they never run out unexpectedly and gives them the option to buy more data to last them the rest of the month.

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Sure’s chief marketing officer, Alistair Beak, explained that the changes, which have been introduced with the company’s Christmas offers, are designed to empower the customer.

“We understand that it’s hard for customers to know exactly how much data they’ll need when picking a mobile plan, so by giving them the chance to use as much as they like for three months they can build an accurate picture of their usage which will enable them to be put on a plan that is appropriate for their needs,” he said.

“Data bill-shock is an industry-wide problem and Sure knows it is a concern for our customers so we’ve been proactively working to reduce the issue. We’re pleased to be leading the industry trend by introducing these customer-friendly changes which will increase transparency on monthly plans and allow customers to take a more active role in their bill management and data requirements.

“Customers will be informed when they have used 80% and 100% of their monthly allocation of data and will be able to top it up a gigabyte at a time. This gives total control over data usage and the cost of that, minimising the risk of data bill-shock so our customers can make full use of the island’s fastest mobile network with complete peace of mind.”

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