Super Nintendo World Interactive Tour Lets You Experience It From Home

Super Nintendo World has released an interactive map letting fans fly around the theme park in a 3D virtual tour of every stop to make in the park

Super Nintendo World’s grand opening is coming up, and to give fans a sneak peek of the park that they may not be able to visit for a while, Universal Studios Japan has released an interactive map of the Mario-themed world. Unfortunately, COVID-19 will probably keep tourists out of the park for several months still, so for now they will have to settle for the virtual tour of this slice of Mario and the gang’s life. Super Nintendo World Interactive 

The characters from the Mario games have become iconic ambassadors of Nintendo, so it is only fitting that the next step in Nintendo’s alternate media endeavors surrounds well-known characters like Mario, Princess Peach and Yoshi. Nintendo saw a decline in popularity after the Wii U came and went, but the Nintendo Switch has taken off thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons and global sales for 2020 were excellent. With their IP back in the forefront of gamers’ minds, Nintendo was originally going to open their new theme park in July of 2020 before the Tokyo Olympics. However, the pandemic delayed the launch until it’s new and confirmed opening date, February 4th. The Osaka park will be the first Super Nintendo World to open, but Universal Studios plans to build one in all of their locations.

Although the park will open less than a month from now, international travel is still banned in many parts of the world, and will still be a hazardous activity for some months to come. Nintendo has released an interactive map of the park that can be seen on the Super Nintendo World website for fans to travel through until they can visit the real thing. Those taking the virtual tour can fly through the park rendered in 3D, stopping at each attraction where they can click the little button on the bottom right to get more information about what they’re seeing, from a Yoshi ride to the food and merchandise stores.

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Super Nintendo World is doing something completely new and different from other theme parks as well with the power of technology. While moving around the park, visitors can collect various items, including virtual coins and character stamps, by using an app on their phones connected to a special Nintendo-themed wristband. According to Nintendo, the wristband and app will make visitors use their entire bodies to interact with and explore everything in the park.

Visitors will get the chance to feel just like Mario as they hit Question Blocks around the park once they are finally allowed to take a trip to see the Mushroom Kingdom. Until then, taking a virtual tour through Super Nintendo World will have to satiate fans’ anticipation for a long-time favorite franchise to come to life. Super Nintendo World Interactive 

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