Sunrise UPC and Swiss-Ski kick off their partnership

Sunrise UPC is proud to announce its new role as the main partner of Swiss-Ski starting on May 1, 2022. The long-term commitment covers a very broad scope and aims to advance snow sports as a whole (from Swiss World Cup events through to elite, youth and amateur sports as well as promoting these sports in specific regions), and all that in a sustainable manner.

In addition, all Swiss athletes in all the association’s eleven sports will benefit from this new partnership. Swiss-Ski and Sunrise UPC also share the ambition of creating innovative snow sports experiences for all winter sports fans.

«Our partnership with Swiss-Ski is about much more than just sponsoring: We want to make an important contribution to the future success of Swiss snow sports», says André Krause, CEO of Sunrise UPC. This partnership will enable Sunrise UPC to build on its success. Snow sports are a Swiss tradition and joining forces with world-class elite sports perfectly aligns with the positioning of Sunrise UPC. The partnership with Swiss-Ski and the emotional factor of snow sports is bringing Sunrise UPC even closer to its customers. With the newly launched Sunrise Moments, Sunrise UPC will offer exclusive content and unforgettable “Money Can’t Buy” experiences related to Swiss-Ski.


Strengthening Switzerland’s status as a winter sports nation

«I am convinced that we will achieve a lot and make a real difference over these coming ten years thanks to the tremendous scope of this commitment. The more long-term our planning, the more sustainability we can achieve in maintaining or improving our very high level of performance in all areas. Thanks to this long-running partnership, we can tackle innovative projects that may not be implemented for another three to four years», says Bernhard Aregger, CEO of Swiss-Ski.

Sunrise UPC and Swiss-Ski are aiming to further develop snow sports at large, while also taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization and strengthening Switzerland’s position as one of the leading winter sports nations.

With new services, for example in the areas of ticketing, streaming and gaming, the companies plan to improve the overall experience for fans. Athletes, clubs and young talent will also benefit from new digital solutions.

Exciting highlights

Starting in May, athletes will receive off-snow clothing with the Sunrise logo for the first time. Of course, everyone is also looking forward to what they care about most dearly – new ski racing suits. For now, all we can say is: The new design is called «Levada», which is a Romansch term and means both «sunrise» and «rise up again and again». More on this will be announced in the summer.

The Nordic Weekend in September will be the first sports event at which Sunrise will be present, followed by Big Air Chur as the first World Cup taking place in Switzerland and the new Alpine World Cup races (speed opening) in Zermatt at the end of October.

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