Sunrise UPC adjusts roaming offerings with 5G

Swiss operator Sunrise UPC said it is updating its roaming offerings to include 5G availability in 24 countries while at the same time changing the validity period. sunrise roaming 5g


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The Sunrise Travel Days 30 package, including 5G service, unlimited data, calls and texts, is valid for 30 days at CHF 59.90. The Travel Data S tariff with 5G service, 300 MB of data and a validity period of one year, costs CHF 5.90. Travel Data M with 5G service, 1 GB of data and a validity of twelve months costs CHF 14.90.


Standard tariff for data is blocked and roaming limit sunrise roaming 5g

Several years ago, Sunrise applied the standard tariff of CHF 1.- per megabyte in the EU. In March 2018, this standard tariff was replaced with the “Travel Day Pass Data” option for the newer subscriptions. These were automatic data packages that contained 100 megabytes per 24 hours for CHF 1.90. This option is no longer available as of today. The use of data at the standard tariff is now blocked. In order for data to be used, the block must either be lifted or a data package purchased. If the block is lifted, the customer is asked to set a limit. Without this setting, however, data packages can be purchased. Previously, M-Budget and Coop Mobile had different tariffs for incoming calls, calls to Switzerland or locally in the country of residence. Since May 25, 2021, a uniform tariff has been introduced for these three types of calls, as has been the case with Wingo for some time. All countries in the world are divided into four zones, a uniform tariff applies to each zone.


Roaming data packets sunrise roaming 5g 

The data packages have been revised. The following table shows the overview of the data options within the EU:

The “Travel Days 7” option is no longer available. For CHF 39.90 it included unlimited calls and SMS for 7 days, as well as 3 GB of data volume. The same option, which is valid for 30 days and unlimited data volume for CHF 59.90, is still available at the same price. Also on offer is “travel data unlimited Europe”, which contains unlimited data volume for 30 days. The first 60 instead of 40 GB are now available at full speed. Then the bandwidth is throttled to 0.256, which means that data can still be used free of charge at a much slower rate. The 5G network is also now available in the EU. The price was increased from CHF 29.90 to 39.90. The previous data package with 3 GB for 30 days at a comparatively low CHF 19.90 is no longer available. There are three new data packages with a term of 12 months and 5G reception. These cost CHF 5.90 for 300 MB, CHF 14.90 for 1 GB and CHF 39.90 for 5 GB.

The other data packages that are valid outside the EU remain the same in price, but only expire after 12 months.

The new data packages are also available for prepaid. However, the unlimited option costs CHF 49.90. However, “travel days 30” is not available for prepaid.


New rates for roaming telephony and new tariffs

So far, calls abroad have been rounded up to the full minute. Starting today, every call will be billed per second. However, at least 30 seconds are charged for outgoing calls. In addition, each call is rounded up to the next 10 cents. In addition, the standard tariffs for telephony and SMS were raised. An incoming call in the EU now costs CHF 1.20 instead of 1.00, a call to Switzerland costs CHF 2.00 instead of 1.75. The text messages were increased by 20 cents.

The minute rates remain the same with the additional “Travel Talk” option, which costs CHF 10.- per month. The tariffs apply to subscription and prepaid:

Mobile phone subscription customers can still redirect to the voicebox free of charge.

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