Sunrise has the best 5G network in Switzerland and the DACH region overall

Sunrise is already covering more than 331 cities and towns in Switzerland with 5G and is successfully implementing “5G for People” as an alternative to DSL

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“We are delighted to see that, after the analysis carried out by the industry standard RootMetrics, connect also confirms that Sunrise has the largest and fastest 5G network. Since the testing phase, during which we established a world record two years back, we had the ambition of leading in 5G as well and setting the benchmark for others. That’ is why we focused efforts on introducing 5G fast this year, offering private and business customers the most innovative products and solutions. We are actually still only at the beginning of an enormous development. 5G gives society and the economy enormous potential for more sustainable and better development,” explains a pleased Olaf Swantee, CEO of Sunrise.

In the annual connect mobile network test Switzerland, the top competitors have established a tradition of going head to head at the highest level. The two leading mobile networks switch rankings each year, with different point victories in various categories and the overall ranking. Sunrise is the only provider in the whole D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) to achieve the top overall mark of “OUTSTANDING” for the fourth time in a row, and thus occupies a top position for many years.

With the introduction of 5G there is now another category, and here Sunrise is the winner:

  • The fastest 5G network: The Sunrise 5G network offers almost more than double the speed of the second-best network.
  • Best 5G coverage: The share of Sunrise 5G measurements is more than 10 times higher than the share of the follower.

The measurements in parallel to the connect mobile network test confirm the previous analysis of the RootMetrics industry standard, also crowning Sunrise as the largest and fastest 5G network in Switzerland, with the fastest response times (latency).

connect impressed by Sunrise 5G, success of “5G for People” confirmed

connect is impressed by the results: “The edge displayed by Sunrise is all the more surprising, as the operator is initially concentrating its rollout as a landline substitute on villages, while the network test, in order to be representative, favored densely populated cities. The achieved speeds, especially at the expected minimum throughput (“90% faster than”) in downloads are worth mentioning. With these speeds, Sunrise is 10x faster, and even the lowest 10% of its demonstrated speeds are faster than the maximum speeds of many DSL connections in Germany.”

This is how connect highlights the success of the “5G for People” strategy pursued by Sunrise. In rural areas, Sunrise offers fiber-optic-like, ultra-high broadband connections in the range of several hundred Mbit/s up to 2 Gbit/s via 5G mobile connections. With 5G as “fiber optics over the air”, households can benefit from super-fast Internet. The digitization process, with concepts such as smart manufacturing, virtual-reality tourism, and 4K cloud gaming, as well as many other 5G applications, can also be implemented in those regions that are usually only covered by DSL.


Switzerland 5G expansion

Sunrise already provides more than 331 towns/cities with 5G. This figure only includes areas where 5G coverage reaches at least 80% of the local population. 5G coverage will gradually extend to many other areas, including parts of major cities such as Zurich, Bern, and Geneva. The current coverage map, with a city and address search feature as well as the list of cities, is available on the Sunrise website.

Winner based on 5G measurements in parallel to the connect mobile network test, 2020/1 issue. The fastest 5G network on the basis of “download 90%/10% faster than” and “upload 90%/10% faster than” as well as “average data throughput” in “download” and “upload”. The largest 5G network based on the “number of measurement values” with “share only 5G”.


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