Subtel extends deadline for device registration

Chile’s Department of Telecommunications (Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones, Subtel) has extended to 13 March 2019 the deadline for the registration of equipment that connects to mobile networks – including cell phones, tablets and IoT connected devices – under the Multiband/Emergency Alert System (Sistema de Alerta de Emergencia, SAE) regulations.

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Under the legislation, all equipment sold in Chile must be registered by the sellers, and equipment brought into the country by individuals must be registered with one of 15 certification companies approved by Subtel to do so. Each customer has the right to register a new device this way for free once per year.

In its press release, Subtel informed customers that they will receive a reminder on 11 February, following which they have 30 days to register, or their device will be blocked. Subtel noted that tourists roaming on a Chilean network would be unaffected by the requirement to register. Should visitors choose to replace their SIM with one from a local provider during their stay, however, they will need to register the device or risk it being blocked.

The registration process is primarily targeting equipment purchased overseas and looks to tackle two issues. Firstly, it aims to ensure that all devices in use by citizens incorporate technology that allows the subscriber to receive messages from Chile’s SAE and thus minimise risk to those individuals in the case of an emergency. Secondly, the measures form part of the regulator’s efforts to protect competition by providing clarity for customers on their device’s technological compatibility.

“It should be remembered that according to this regulation, since 2016 the obligation for telephones to be approved, and therefore registered, belongs to those who sell them in Chile. Something similar happens with the other mobile devices sold in the country, which must also have been registered by the marketer. In spite of this, and in the face of the eventuality of the existence of equipment not registered in the market, it is very important that users inform themselves of this regulation and verify the status of their equipment, to prevent them from being blocked “, indicated SUBTEL .

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