SUBARU and SoftBank Start Joint Research for Driving Assist and Automated Driving Control Using 5G and Cellular V2X

Companies plan to prepare a communications environment and conduct proving tests with automated driving vehicles on SUBARU’s proving ground in Bifuka, Hokkaido

SUBARU Corporation and SoftBank Corp. have started joint research on use cases that apply fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication systems and cellular V2X communication systems to help realize an automated driving society.


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Aiming to eliminate traffic accident deaths by 2030, SUBARU is conducting a program of research and development on connected car technologies under its original philosophy of “overall safety.” The purpose of this program is to further Subaru’s advanced safety technology developed with its EyeSight driver assist system.

SoftBank Corp. is pursuing the research and development of service solutions to deliver new experiences and value. As a part of this undertaking, it is examining Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and conducting proving tests for connected cars that utilize 5G systems and other leading-edge communication technologies.

In their joint research, the two companies plan to install SoftBank Corp.’s “ODEKAKE 5G” (transportable equipment enabling local provision of high-quality 5G radio waves) at the SUBARU Test & Development Center Bifuka Proving Ground (located in Bifuka-cho, Hokkaido) beginning this winter. This will be accompanied by the preparation of an environment for 5G networking with specifications meeting the non-stand-alone standard and for C-V2X communications, which will be followed by proving tests.

The proving test plans envision communications both between stations and vehicles and between vehicles, and the verification of technology related to driving assist and automated driving control, in various prospective use cases.

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