Starting from July, Uber, Cabify and other digital platforms in Mexico will pay taxes

Mexico ’s finance ministry said on Friday that Mexico digital platforms have until July 1 to start complying with new tax obligations, part of the government’s strategy to increase the overall tax take.

The measures will “facilitate compliance with existing taxes, through a mechanism in which the platforms contribute to the tax authority by withholding taxes, and do not contemplate new taxes or an increase in current tax rates,” the ministry said.

“With the publication of the operating rules, which are part of the miscellaneous Fiscal resolution for 2020, Mexico digital platforms will have a transition period of six months before beginning to comply with the legal provisions on digital economy provided for 1 July this year, ”said Hacienda.

The agency explained that the rules establish minimum requirements that facilitate the tax compliance of digital platforms, even for those that do not have permanent establishment in the country.

“It is important to emphasize that the measures that will come into force on July 1 have as a starting point to facilitate compliance with existing taxes, through a mechanism in which the platforms contribute to the tax authority with withholding taxes, and that it is not contemplated to propose new taxes or increase the rates of the existing ones, ”said the Treasury.

The Ministry of Finance added that the pilot program, which jointly carried out by the authorities and the main transport platforms initiated in the second half of last year, was an important pillar in the design of the operating rules recently published by the SAT.

It is important to recognize the participation and full collaboration of platforms such as Uber, Cabify, Beat and Sin Apron, so that the pilot retention program will be successful,” he added.

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